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Candle factory pillar candle »H80 D50«, beeswax

Candle factory pillar candle »H80 D50«, beeswax

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  • The candle is handmade from 100% beeswax without chemical additives in a Münsterland manufactory - additionally confirmed by regular burning and smell tests.
  • It is characterized by a fine, characteristic beeswax scent and a particularly long burn time.
  • The extraordinarily beautiful grain of this 100% natural beeswax candle is determined by the intensive manual kneading of the beeswax and makes each candle unique.
  • Material: 100% beeswax, burning time: 14 hours
  • Diameter: 50mm / Height: 80mm
Pillar candles made from pure natural beeswax are a real long-time favorite. On the one hand, their simple, beautiful shape has been in use for many centuries, and on the other hand, thanks to beeswax, they burn longer than all other types of wax. Our hand-made pillar candle creates a great atmosphere for every occasion and in every ambience. Natural beeswax owes its characteristic, warm, sunny scent to the honey stored in the comb, and its color to the carotene in the pollen oils stored. The intensive kneading of the beeswax is still real manual work. It determines the grain and makes each candle unique. Only when the candle blank has been finely finished by hand is the hole for the pin of the candlestick pressed in with a pointed ebony. Once the wax has completely cooled and hardened, it is carefully packed by hand. Each individually provided with the label of the manufactory.
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The candle manufactory looks back on more than 50 years of tradition and has a corresponding wealth of knowledge and experience. Today it is one of the leading manufacturers of hand-kneaded beeswax candles in Europe. The pure waxes and the manual production guarantee our customers a high-quality product with a long burning time. The candle manufacture is run as a department of Freckenhorster Werkstätten GmbH, a recognized workshop for people with disabilities. In production, people with mental disabilities work together with the employees